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Submarine landslides: where, when, why and how dangerous? – referat

Serdecznie zapraszamy do wzięcia udziału w wykładzie online pod tytułem “ Submarine landslides: where, when, why and how dangerous?” , który wygłosi prof. Sebastian Krastel (Kiel University, Niemcy). Wykład stanowi część serii “AMU Invited Lecture Series in Marine Geosciences I” organizowanej przez Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w ramach programu IDUB. Wykład odbędzie się we czwartej (23 marca) o godzinie 16:30 na platformie MS Teams (link: ). W przypadku problemów link jest dostępny od dra Krzysztofa Pleskota ( Wykład i otwarta dyskusja po wykładzie będą w języku angielskim.


Informacja o wykładowcy i wykładzie:


Professor Krastel is an author of 145 papers (H=33) focused on various applications of hydroacoustic methods for seafloor studies. His main research areas include large submarine landslides, and he is a world expert in this field. For instance, he edited the main monograph on that topic. He participated in over 60 research cruises and expeditions on lakes (several as chief scientists). He serves recently as Principal Investigator of two deep scientific drilling projects, Coordinator of DFG Infrastructure Priority Program ICDP (SPP 1006) as well as the Director of Institute of Geosceinces, Kiel University.


The abstract of the lecture:


Within the last three decades, it has come to be understood that sediment mass wasting (submarine landsliding) is a common sedimentary process that plays a major role in construction of continental margins and volcanic islands. Submarine landslides present a significant geohazard due to their potential to destroy offshore infrastructure and to trigger significant tsunamis. This lecture will introduce submarine landslide processes in general and will then discuss two case studies: the Sahara Slide complex as an example of a mega slide on a passive continental margin and the Monte Amarelo flank collapse (Cape Verdes) as example for a volcanic flank collapse which triggered a significant tsunami.

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